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Gas Abatement in Chandler, AZ

Imagine breathing in clean, fresh air free of pollution. At Pure Air Systems, we provide you with products that rid the air of deadly toxins with state-of-the-art gas abatement in Chandler, AZ.

Improving Safety

Eliminate the potential for dangerous explosions in your workplace with our effective gas abatement systems. The reaction zone in our products removes the hazards associated with pyrophoric and other highly reactive gases to keep you safe. Some of our products combine thermal oxidation, mechanical filtration, wet scrubbing, and electrical thermal decomposition for abatement of PFCs (Perfluorinated Compounds).

Customized Equipment

To best meet your needs, we custom-build your equipment and ship it to you within four to six weeks after your order was placed. Make sure that your new exhaust management system runs smoothly by taking advantage of our start-up services and training. Our highly-skilled staff comes to your location to show your employees how to properly operate your equipment.

Gas Abatement in Chandler, AZ

Primary Customers

Our products are most frequently utilized by semi-conductor and solar panel companies, as well as universities. As one of our customers, your competitive advantage is enhanced with our complete toxic air reduction services. Check out the following brochures to learn more about our high-end equipment:

Our Processes
Effluent Dynamic Oxidation Chamber & Scrubber
Silane Dynamic Oxidation Chamber
Dynamic Oxidation Chamber with Thermal Abatement

Contact us to make your workplace safer with our useful gas abatement products.